About us

We are a family company with years of experience in oil production with undivided enthusiasm about it. Our location is placed in the village of Zakros, located on the east coast of Crete. The oil roads in our parts, etched from the Minoans, passed in Greece reaching the shores of the Mediterranean, conveying the value and contribution of olive. Zakros is a village known and recognized for its wonderful olive oil produced since ancient times has highlighted one of the most important commercial and cultural centers of the Minoan civilization. Trees and people live together over 3500 years. Following each technological development, but also maintaining the tradition, we aim at top quality olive oil produced by combining technology, expertise and reliability. We are very demanding on the quality we offer. Facing very strictly every production stage, faithful in all specifications and applying the most modern methods, we ensure your confidence.
It is good to realize the wealth that gives you your place, according to the make and work unceasingly for him. After years of experience and since we have learned many of the secrets of this "liquid gold", we decided to offer it to you generously. All members of our team strive daily to offer you a perfect quality and organoleptic product.